Integrative Medicine

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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine incorporates elements of both conventional and alternative medicine to create a more individualized, wellness-driven care plan that supports your pet’s unique needs. This approach to veterinary medicine takes into account your pet’s medical history, health habits and concerns, lifestyle, and genetics to focus not only on healing and disease prevention, but also on overall health and wellness for a long, happy life.

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Pain Management and Proactive Care

After your pet has bravely undergone a surgical procedure, integrative medicine can support your pet during recovery, aiding in both pain management and a faster healing process.

These integrative practices can also expedite your pet's recovery from an injury, as well as alleviate chronic pain in ill or geriatric patients. From the animal athlete to the aging pet, we offer individual attention and compassionate care to protect your pet and promote their healthiest, happiest life.

We employ therapeutic modalities such as cold laser therapy and acupuncture to help manage pain and speed up recovery time. In addition, we work with you to understand your pet's unique needs and ensure that everything from their diet and exercise habits to their daily activities are all working together to support their best life. 

Acupuncture and cold laser therapy performed by a certified veterinarian are safe and effective methods to supplement your pet's traditional veterinary care, offering pain relief and renewed energy. Nutritional therapy is also beneficial for many pets, and individual food formulations can help establish healthy eating habits and promote good digestion in your pet from a young age. These and other supplemental, integrative methods seek to help manage and decrease pain and improve your pet's quality of life.